Residential Powerstor2® Double Wall Indirect Water Heaters

The newest addition to the PowerStor Series®, the PowerStor2 Indirect water heater features a new double-wall heat exchanger.

Product Highlights
Brass Drain Valve


  • Heat Exchanger-Double wall 1½" O.D. glass coated(Vitraglas®)steel coil
  • Low Heat Exchanger Head Loss-Up to 10 GPM flow, with less than 5 ft. of head loss
  • Factory installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
  • Vitraglas® lining
  • Fully automatic controls
  • ¾" Supply and Return Connections
  • 2" Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • Water connections-¾" NPT factory installed true dielectric fittings
  • Two Protective Aluminum Anode Rods
  • Stand-by Heat Loss-Less than ½°F per hour(ASHRAE 90.1b current standard)
  • Steel tank
  • T&P relief valve Included
  • Brass drain valve
  • I=B=R Certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on tank and heat exchanger