Power Vent (TTW®) Gas Models

Our Power Vent (TTW®) models are power vented for positive exhaust. They offer greater installation flexibility with the ability to vent through a wall or roof, with either 2" or 3" PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe. They offer an increased amount of hot water available at a usable temperature in less time than normal.

Product Highlights
Brass Drain Valve


Standard Features

  • Advanced ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor Design
  • Flammable vapor sensor
  • Pedestal base
  • Maintenance free
  • Sight Window
  • Powerful blower motor
  • ¾" NPT factory installed dielectric waterway fittings
  • Power Vented Water Heater
  • Spark to pilot ignition system
  • Horizontal and Vertical Venting
  • Vitraglas® lining
  • Protective magnesium anode rod
  • Factory installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
  • 1" Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • Honeywell Self Diagnostic Electronic Control
  • Brass drain valve
  • T&P relief valve included

Model Numbers

RG1PV40S6N 40 Gallon Capacity    
RG1PV50S6N 50 Gallon Capacity    
RG2PV40T6N 40 Gallon Capacity    
RG2PV50T6N 50 Gallon Capacity    
RG2PV50H6N 48 Gallon Capacity    
RG1PV55H6N 55 Gallon Capacity    
RG2PV75H6N 75 Gallon Capacity    


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