• On Demand Hot Water
  • Reduced Energy Waste
  • Continuous Hot Water
  • No T&P Relief Valve Needed
  • Integral Flow Restrictor
  • Easy Installation – Mounts on Wall
  • Ni Chrome Heating Element
  • Space Saving Installation
  • Field Serviceable Element
  • Warranty

Model Numbers

ES-3000-1-S-10 EFT-9500-4-S-10 EFT-28000-4-T-10
ES-3500-1-S-10 EFC-5500-4-S-10 EFT-38000-4-F-10
ES-3500-4-S-10 EFC-6500-4-S-10 EFT-18000-2-T-10
ES-4100-2-S-10 EFC-7500-4-S-10 EFT-24000-2-T-10
ES-4100-5-S-10 EFC-9500-4-S-10 EFTR-18000-6-T-10
ES-5500-4-S-10 EFC-8300-2-S-10 EFTR-24000-6-T-10
EFT-7500-4-S-10  EFT-19000-4-D-10 65T-65FB-3N


Product Literature

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Spec Sheet